STOP trying to manifest THINGS! Ask for enrichment instead!

What if I told you that your efforts in manifesting THINGS was creating limitations in your life?  This was the message I received from my spiritual team this morning.

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction has been a game changer for many of us in today’s awakening world.  And what an incredible thing, right?

People of all walks of life are sharing gratitude and feeling more appreciation and are looking for the joy in their lives more than ever before.  This is a good thing.  And from it, people are manifesting like never before – for the most part.

You see before the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction were popular – it was still universal law.  Or was it?  Did the power of the way the masters interpreted these energy laws change the way they worked?

Oh you are very powerful you magical being you!

These laws now teach us that giving gratitude and having appreciation help us to bring more wanted THINGS in our lives.  And we always want more THINGS…don’t we?  Or do we?

We know that the real power of manifestation, thanks to Abraham Hicks, is that it’s not the things that make us happy, we think that in the possession of receiving those things will bring us happiness, but the real power is to achieve happiness and that those things will come.

True.  To a degree.

You see the subconscious mind is the most powerful indicator in all of this.  I want to point out something very important in all of this.

Giving gratitude and having a deep appreciation for a particular something are very different in degrees.  You see, if my average level of expectation is that I am to have a roof over my head and then I sit down to write out my gratitude list and I state:  I am thankful for the roof over my head, then I am certainly showing gratitude…but because my average level of expectation is that I have a roof over my head, I have always had a roof over my head, I don’t know what it’s like to go without one…then I wouldn’t experience the same level of appreciation to someone who knows what it’s like to once live on the street and now have a roof over their head.  For this person when they write out that they are grateful for the roof over their head, the subconscious mind responds with an energy output that responds with a deep emotional appreciation because the subconscious mind remembers…it remembers everything. And in their honest appreciation, they may for instance, take good care of their home; keep it clean and truly love it.  And thus manifestation is activated – to that degree.

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So this doesn’t mean that the person who is truly appreciative of her home is going to come into more money through Law of Attraction…her degree of level of appreciation will help her to now always keep a roof over head and even possibly her homes she lives in grows larger and get better and maybe in some ways money comes in for that and in some ways it may be through the kindness of others, a partner or even through hefty loans and even debt.  Get the point?

So in another example, a single mom who is poor in finances needs diapers. She is worried about not having enough diapers.  She shows gratitude and appreciation for the things she does have for her baby and in LOA, she receives a $20 bill and goes and buys diapers.  Her appreciation level is for the diapers not necessarily the $20 bill.  The subconscious mind remembers the need for diapers that was the desire for the money to buy them.  The manifestation principle WAS and always was the diapers.  And so in her degree of appreciation she begins to receive the things she needs for the baby and not necessarily the money.

Is this making sense?

So if I am wanting to manifest more money, giving love and appreciation to my friends may certainly strengthen my bonds with my friends and may make me happy in that degree but the manifestation principle is on the friendships which will draw more of that…and not necessarily more money.

Thus the once poor person who experiences a windfall in money may have more a deep appreciation for the windfall then they do the money.  The excitement of the windfall is the manifestation principle.  The subconscious emotional attachment is to that.  And so then they may begin to experience windfalls in many other ways while their relationship to money which is sitting in the subconscious is still the same and the end result will always be the same until the subconscious mindset is cleared of its relationship memory to money.

And so the focus on manifesting becomes construed and even a little unbalanced.  Because in the efforts of manifesting THINGS we are forgetting about the relationships to energy that are within our subconscious.

A person who is loving and always gives love may be suffering from loneliness in romantic love if their subconscious memory is one that remembers their parents going through the motions of being in a relationship but never really being in love with each other until they finally experienced a nasty divorce.

Our physical lives and the things that are in it, our emotional responses and even those things that are missing from it are indicators of our subconscious mindset.  When we let go of trying to manifest those things that are seemingly missing and we instead manifest enrichment as a totality of our lives that’s when things begin to change.  How do we do that?

When we ask for enrichment as a totality of our lives we begin to identify what feels wrong – and we reach to learn about why it feels wrong. What in the feeling of the wrongness can you identify as the indicator in your subconscious mindset?  And in what other areas in the mundane physical world can you identify it in a positive light.

For example:

The woman who is alienated from romantic love because her parents were never in love may begin to look at the divorce they had as a positive instead of a negative especially if either of those two found romantic love with someone else.  It says romantic love is possible even in the face of falling out of love with another.

For the person who sees money as the root to all evil they may actually begin to realize that money itself is not evil but maybe the actions of a person or persons who have a lot of money may have some dark intentions.  But it’s not the money itself. And maybe they begin to look at how money used in other ways has helped and even shown in a positive light.

I am a big fan of showing gratitude and in giving appreciation.  I am also a big fan of giving in those things you so desire or need in your life… i.e.  You need support – you give support.  You need love – you give love.  But I think it’s more than just writing out gratitude journals.  We have to get to the heart of the matter of our subconscious which is enrichment.  And in that you may not only begin to receive what is missing, but you will also heal a shadow part of you and even more important change the strand of energy that has been limiting you. enrichment-2

All my love,

Alea Dawn

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