Hey Drama Haters, I Hear You!


What if I told you that people creating drama doesn’t really exist?

I know, I know!  I am just like you – I despise what we call drama.  The constant incessant complaining, the whining.  UGH it drives me insane!  I am all about empowerment, I want to see people working through their shit – not complaining about it.  So I do what you do… I ignore the phone calls, or I don’t pay attention to the Facebook posts, or I make excuses to not engage with THAT person.  It makes me feel better to not have to hear it, over and over and over again. I may even drop in every now and again to let THAT person know I love them and care about them – I have just been so busy!

But then, something hit me.  What if those who we consider DRAMA LLAMA’s are really just experiencing an emotional pain?  And what if those people, in their pain, don’t realize their selfishness in their overindulgence of their own personal “life issues”.

What if their shit is real? And not a performance we can see on a stage?drama-free-zone

The emotion that drives me to a level of insanity or wanting to ditch is about me, not about them.  It’s actually my own level of disempowerment and selfishness that I hide. That I bury deep within.  Think about it.

If I was truly a caring person and loved my drama displaying friend – wouldn’t it be more empowering for me to say this –

“I love you but you are driving me insane with your constant complaining.  All I see or hear from you is whining.  I know what you are experiencing is real but look you are driving people who can help you away and bringing back to you people who want to stay in that level of lowness.  Do you want to stay here, friend?  Or are you ready to look at some things we can do and create action to get past this?  Cause if you are I am on board and if you are not, I have got to enact my boundaries and move on.”

Would you say that?  Does that sound mean?  It’s the truth right?  Ask yourself if you are being a better friend by putting it on the line or by running away from it.  Ask yourself how healthy it is to run away for you.  Are you afraid to speak the truth?  Everything we ever want is on the other side of fear right?

We too often use our spirituality as an umbrella to hide issues that are arising within ourselves. Fear in speaking the truth for instance.  We call it boundaries by hiding away from things that make us uncomfortable instead of facing those things dead on.

There is no drama.  There is only our reaction to it and what we do with it.

pucker-up-llamaI am being more loving and much more of a friend by looking at my buddy and saying “stop being a whiney bitch!  Pucker up, we got work to do” than I would be by ignoring her phone calls and dropping by once a month to say I care…which is false.

Your thoughts?

Puckering up!



With all my love,

Alea Dawn

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