Trust Pact – With yourself

Today, as I sit at the keyboard and write; I have no idea what is about to come out.  You see, today, I drew a blank in my own mind as to what I should write about.  But I know I must write, and I am in full channel to my spirit guides that whatever needs to be written will be for my highest purpose and those of you who happen to stubble upon this writing.  

I suppose its all just a matter of trust.  Trust  – now for five little letters that is such as big word, isn’t it?  Trust.  Trust in what?  Trust in your guides?  In the universe?  In another human being? Or is it trust within yourself that gives this little word so much power.

We are born into this world as mere human beings, we err and we sin and we lose our way sometimes.  But we focus so much on being the most perfect human being that when we fall we tend to be the harshest of critics on ourselves…our human selves.  But human beings are not perfect, are we?  So its ok to slip and fall sometimes and its ok to lose our way. And it is not how we handle our transgressions that define our inner soul.  IT IS NOT!  For that is the human in is.  And its ok to slip and fall.

We each, every single one of us carry within us a divine being.  A soul born of divinity and a light of pure love and peace and infinite wisdom. This part of you has traveled and experienced many life times, has seen many realms.  You may call it your higher self or you may call it a soul, it doesn’t matter how you define it, it is just is.. A divine part of yourself.  A perfection manifested by the Universe and Heavens.

Transmute Negative Energy with Pink Love

I urge everyone reading this writing today to take a moment and search deep past the skin, bones, blood, and organs that make you human and find that inner divine you.  Seek the messages from your own spirit in healing.  Ask yourself what you can do to move past your troubles.  Knowing that your troubles are not real, they are only human and human beings are not perfect.  Call to your inner perfection and become one with him or her today, and offer your human self forgiveness and love.  And trust that this part of you – the divine self is loved, for you are so loved that you have the innate power to love yourself immensely even during the most difficult of human troubles.

And remember your brothers and sisters here on earth, for they are only human and they will err, sin and lose their way.  Forgive them for their sins against you and send them divine love as divine as your true self, your innate self.  And trust that the universe works in mystical ways to each and every one of us in a way that is perfect for our own understanding in our very own lessons.

Our highest purpose is always being met should we ask for it and should we trust it, that it may not be in the way we THINK we want to receive it.  For that thought process comes from the human self – the imperfect self.  The self that is still growing and learning, the self that will sometimes slip, fall and lose its way.  And its ok.

For you are loved so deeply that you have been given the power to love yourself for everything your human self is and is not, right now.  Make a pact with your human self  today to always  try and search out the divine self in every area of your life both positive and negative and trust that it is there.

All my love,



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